About us

In the Autumn of 2014, during a supper party, Paul and Keith agreed that running a micro-brewery would be a brilliant idea!

Since then Huw from the Elephant and Castle pub in Lewes has joined, together with several others with specialist skills and good palates.

The Brewery has made a range of beers, ranging from Dark Porters, tasty Bitters, to light Mexican Lagers but the two favourites and the ones we keep brewing constantly are the Valentine’s Ginger Beer (named after Keith’s wife who is a red-head) and the House IPA (named after where most people live).

All beers are sold through the Elephant and Castle pub with some direct sales of Valentine’s Ginger Beer for summer parties (as a fun alternative to Champagne!)

We are now registered with HMRC as a Brewery and pay Duty on our brews just like a responsible business. We try to source everything from the local area where possible and are indebted to Harveys, The Long Man Brewery, Burning Sky and many more for their help, guidance and support thus far.

In the future, we hope to continue to produce beers of the highest quality and to that end have developed a Skunkwerks (run by Keith) where R&D can take place and any explosions won’t hurt too many people!

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