The Beer

Where can I get some?

I know, I know, it’s all very exciting, but for now our stock is limited and is sold exclusively at the Elephant & Castle pub in Lewes.

Should you want to place an order or make enquiries about stocking our fine produce, do make contact through  the website or on twitter – we’re very responsive, and keen to please.

Currently for Sale

  • House IPA 6.4%
  • Valentine’s Ginger Beer 2.3%

In the Fermentarium (aka coming soon)

  • Loads more IPA and Ginger Beer!
  • The 3 Xmas Ales
    • Kryspi’s Christmas Dinner Ale – eABV – 6.6%
    • Chuggington’s Black Mass – A festive stout eABV 5.6% IBU 51 SRM 40
    • Huw’s brew tbc

Gone, but not forgotten

  • Best Bitter 5.5%
  • Hipster’s Choice Porter 4%
  • South of the Border Mexican Lager 3.2%
  • Zaphod’s Revenge IPA 9.8%

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