NASA finds precursor for beer on Red Planet

As summer’s fine rain turns to a slightly cooler, slightly heavier drizzle, the hardy folk of East Sussex have been treated to the knowledge that somewhere up above the clouds, strange things have been happening. 

The first was the conjunction of a ‘Super moon’ and Lunar eclipse. This perigee-syzygy* meant that across the globe people were treated to our closest celestial neighbour getting rouged up before performing a celestial dance of the seven veils before our very eyes. Thank goodness for Twitter which managed to tap the pun-well dry within minutes of the event starting. 

More importantly, NASA announced on Monday 28th September, 2015 that the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) appears to have discovered evidence of liquid water on the planet. It may just be in the form of hydrated minerals now, but I’m delighted to say that at least two thirds of the PBC team had pretty much the same thought: we’re 1/4 way to a Martian Beer.

We’ve come pretty far in the past year, but I can’t promise that we’ll have liquor from Mars in our stock any time soon. Do not worry though, because plans are afoot for a celebratory ‘Martian Red Ale’ in the coming weeks. This is where we need your help. Please comment below, or follow us on twitter (@pellsbrewingcoo) to let us know your thoughts. All I know thus far is that it will be red, packed with celestial hops, and strong enough to have little green men dancing in your peripheral vision.

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