Christmas is a time for COMPETITION

I don’t think I’m the first person to start talking about Christmas 2015 this year, and I’m certainly not the first to start planning for it – I was slightly sad to see that Morrisons were launching their Christmas range all the way back in mid July 2015. In any case, I make no apologies for being prepared for our second xmas in the brewing game.

Sprouted Pale Ale

What to brew then? With three members of the coop approaching the recipe selection in slightly different ways, we’ve embraced the variety and have done what 3 men faced with the same predicament have always done: we’ve turned it into a competition.

Over the next couple of week Huw, Paul and I will all be brewing up a Christmas Ale, to be bottled and racked ready for sale in the premier craft beer pub in East Sussex – the Elephant & Castle

Details are a little thin on the ground right now, but with 1 extract and 2 all-grain creations being plotted, the savvy drinkers of Lewes will have a delicious challenge awaiting them this Winterval.

We’re looking forward to seeing what you think, and I’d love to hear your comments on what should and shouldn’t go into the mix.

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