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Local ingredients for local people

When we first started to think about starting a brewery, we were always thinking about sourcing our ingredients locally. HYPER-locally in fact. Early on, we made enquiries about obtaining our liquor (water) from the spring that feeds the Pells Pool. Not *from* the pool, you’d be pleased to know, but from the spring that keeps that venerable outdoor lido fresh and freezing year round.

Sadly, the terms of using said spring preclude our using this, so we’ve had to go back to good old fashioned tap water.

Water is but one of the 4 basic ingredients though, so what were we going to do for the malt, hops and yeast? Our options are fantastically open here, as Lewes and East Sussex provide many sources. Local farms can provide the malted barley, yeast has been sourced from reliable local sources, and the hops are currently growing in my own back garden (Bramling Cross, Cascade, and Fuggles).

By this time next year I’m hoping to have an all-grain beer produced with a ‘beer milage’ in the low double digits. With a little luck and some more training, I’ll be cycling the kegs from the Skunkworks to the Mothership¬†in our Bicicapace cargo bike as well.

Now that will be something to celebrate.